Young Master Frederic

Young Master Frederic
Young Master Frederic

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Waldridge Fell - first day in Grade 2

Saturday was the final day of the 'Northern Agility Festival', but hosted on this day by Waldridge Fell DTS rather than Hare n Hounds.

I was a wee bit nervous, silly really, but grade 2 felt different!  I had a good chat to Freddie in the queue for our first of 2 1-2 graded agility classes.  It went along the lines of "Freddie, do good and run clear, but don't win, I'm not sure we're ready for grade 3".  Well, Freddie only listened to the first bit.  Helen Nicholson's course was just right for him, and he pulled a stunning clear round out of the bag and WON!!  One run in grade 2 and grade 3 here we come...

No luck in our jumping classes again, but then in Doc's ring for the second of our agility classes Freddie did it again, another nice clear (although he only just got his A-frame contact).  12 superb weaves and skillful negotiation of the one or two traps in the course, and Freddie had his second win for the day.  Well and truely into grade 3!

Over the course of the week we managed 8 rosettes and 5 trophies.  Not bad at all!

Freddie also now has 143 points towards his bronze agility warrant.  Lets hope he tots up a few more at Stanhope before we start in grade 3 and it all gets a whole lot harder...

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  1. I lost your blog but have just found it again :) Well done little Fred!! x