Young Master Frederic

Young Master Frederic
Young Master Frederic

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

HnH Easter - First camping and first win!

We spent Easter at the beautiful Duncombe Park in Helmsley, the location for the Hare n Hounds Easter Show. 

What a fabulous venue, simply stunning surroundings, Helmsley village had all you could wish for, and the brilliant atmosphere that Chris creates at all the HnH shows.

It was our first trip out in the caravan and thankfully we all enjoyed it.  The only modification we do need to make is to our fencing, after it became apparent that Jasper can jump much higher than he lets on at agility practice, and can clear the fence to follow me or play with another dog any time he likes!

And of course the agility...

Freddie's first run was a bit of a joke, a run that only a doodle could come up with.  He managed one jump correctly before crossing to do the tunnel, then running past me to jump up at the (thankfully lovely) judge.  He knocked her rosette off, picked it up and ran off with it.  Embarrassed isn't the word!  But she was very nice, and let me get control of Fred and bring him back in to do a few jumps.

It could only get better after that, and thankfully it did.  We got an unplaced clear round to finish off Friday, managed a 7th place on Saturday, a 3rd place on Sunday then a 5th place and a brilliant 1st place on Monday.  All in agility too, so Young Master Frederic won out and hits the heady heights of Grade 2!

Our next show is Northern Agility Week, Freddie will be in Grade 1 for the HnH days, then grade 2 for the Waldridge Fell day on the last Saturday.

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