Young Master Frederic

Young Master Frederic
Young Master Frederic

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Hare n Hounds, and 2 clear rounds!!

We were at the Hare n Hounds Autumn Show on Saturday and Sunday and had a great time!  We were entered in 9 classes over the weekend so could really get stuck in.

First class on Saturday was grade 1-2 agility, and a quick elimination.  But a bit later we managed grade 1-3 agility with just 10 faults and a nice quick time, and grade 1-3 jumping with 20 faults.  We then had a looong wait, and a snooze in the van before our last two classes.  I wasn't too optimistic because by this time Freddie was a bit tired, but we gave it our best shot and Freddie ran his first clear round in G1-2 jumping!  I was sooo proud of him.  Ok we then got E'd from ABC agility but nothing was wiping the smile off my face, especially when we found out that his clear round had earned us 8th place.  Here's my boy sporting his HUGE rosette

Sunday started with two E's - Freddie was all a bit excited in his agility rounds and ran under a few jumps oops!  I then went to pick Paul, Jasper and Darcey up to have a wander round the show, and did a bit of pole-picking before Freddie's last two runs.  First G1-2 jumping again, and another clear round yey!  This time earning 6th place.  And G1-3 jumping where we had a fantastic run but unfortunately I turned Freddie too early for one jump so he ran past it then backjumped.

All in all a great weekend, another goal achieved, two places and our first 8 points.   I think we really can do this!  Next goal is an agility clear round, and this weekend is South Durham show on Saturday and Wilton Show on Sunday.

Monday, 20 September 2010

First goal achieved!

Freddie and I went to Easington Agility show this Saturday, held at Witton Castle.  We were entered into G1-2 agility combined and graded and 1-2 graded jumping.  I was a bit nervous when I saw the courses though, all the same judge and all, in my and others' opinions, were a bit tough for grade 1 and 2.  But I suppose a challenge is good!

First agility round - we were eliminated (again!).  My fault - I should have sprinted to the far side of the dogwalk to get in the right place to guide Freddie round the next jumps, but took the shortest line and didn't have a chance when Freddie just took his own line!

Second agility round - eliminated again, for a very similar mistake to the first.  This time I anticipated and turned too early sending Freddie past a jump, and he backjumped when I called him back.  But having said that, Freddie was running really well and the mistakes were mine rather than his.

But jumping was a lot better.  A very tricky, twisty course with nothing straightforward.  And we got round with just 10 faults - a refusal at the weaves but he went through second time, and one pole down.  Our first KC round without being eliminated - my first goal!  Good, clever Freddie, I am so proud.

Next weekend is Hare n Hounds Autumn show - we have 9 runs over 2 days.  See if we can't progress a bit further.  My next goal is a clear round...

Friday, 3 September 2010

K9 Fun Agility Week

Freddie and I took part in a fun agility week this week at K9 Pursuits and had a great time!  I would recommend this for anyone who is starting out in agility, or if you fancy giving it a go and having a good laugh at the same time.  We were competing in teams and as individuals, with a mixed bag of dogs including crossbreeds, cocker spaniels, a labrador, a collie and a beagle.  We did timed races, mini agility courses and a few silly games too.  Sinade and Finn came out as overall winners, fantastic as they hadn't really done any agility before.  I think Finn should be renamed 'speedy gonzales'.  I think they caught the agility bug and hope to see them at classes soon.  Many thanks Gill, Andrea and Jake for a great week.

Ooh and in other news - I had a dream this week that me and Freddie got a clear jumping round and came 3rd.  Let's hope that our next competition is a dream come true!