Young Master Frederic

Young Master Frederic
Young Master Frederic

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

South Durham Show, and a wet Wilton

Two shows in two days this weekend.  First our club show - a great turnout, six rings and pretty decent weather for October.  The rain stayed away and the sun came out for a fair bit of it.

Freddie and I had a great start to the day, running our first clear agility round in graded 1-2 agility.  Didn't do quite as well after that with 5 faults in ABC agility and 3 Es in our other classes, though most of them were my fault.

As it was our club show I spent most of the morning pole-picking, and a good part of the afternoon on tickets.  It was lovely to run for Gill Crawford too, who we started our training with.  It was a good, if a little twisty, grade 1-3 jumping course.  We failed at the second jump - for some reason Freddie had got himself a little worried about something in the queue and wasn't quite concentrating when we started.  But once I had convinced him it was fun and we started again from jump 2 (with an E already in the bag), he ran brilliantly proving again we are so close to those clears.  Freddie had one eye on Gill the whole way round though - must have been a little confusing for him!

And the day finished off on a real high - being presented with a lovely yellow 3rd rosette for Freddie's clear round in the morning, what a good dog!

Sunday unfortunately was a different kettle of fish - under torrential rain I'm afraid it was 'Wilton wash-out'.  We went and did our three runs but with no success, 2 Es and 5 faults.  And what I did learn was that agility in the rain doesn't do it for me or Freddie - he pulled me all the way back to the car.  And a real shame for Wilton Club.  Hope next year's is better.

So only 2 shows left for this year, and both indoors thank goodness, the HnH Halloween Show at the end of this month and the HnH Christmas show at the end of November.  Wonder if we'll finish the year still in Grade 1?...