Young Master Frederic

Young Master Frederic
Young Master Frederic

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Grade 3

Freddie and I started our grade 3 'career' at Otley show on 9/10 July.  I walked the first course chuntering about how hard it was, but realised my mistake of thinking it was g1-3 when actually it was g3-5 (Julie Buchanan's course).  Well... it was a challenge!  We were e'd on jump 5, and spent quite a while failing to persuade Freddie to take the tunnel under the A-frame.  Contact equipment trump tunnels every time for Fred.

But we did a bit better later on with the graded agility class.  A nice clear round, and an even better 10th place.  Maybe we can hold our own in G3.

Our jumping continued to be a bit rubbish though, picking up faults.

Our second grade 3 show was at Barnard Castle, and the biggest thing anyone will moan about there was the weather!  Rain, rain, rain and more rain.  I was going to a very nice indoor fun show on the Saturday, so only stayed at BC long enough for two jumping runs, both of which we got faults on.  One pole, and one refusal.  We went again on Sunday to get even wetter, and managed just one clear round all day which was a sppedy jumping course so no place for Fred, we were about 2 seconds out of the places. 

I've started to get a little demoralised but hopefully our next show we will do better.  Reality bites in G3!

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