Young Master Frederic

Young Master Frederic
Young Master Frederic

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Hare n Hounds, Halloween Show

I realise I didn't post about the Halloween Show.  Hmmm, maybe because it's one I'd rather forget!  It was Freddie's first indoor show, and I hadn't anticipated his cocker spaniel nose coming to the fore in amongst the horse muck layden floor.  So on the first day we managed 4 runs and 4 Es.

I was determined to do better on the second day, and filled my pockets with Freddie's favourite treats.  On his first run he went of sniffing again, and another E.

But I was full of optimism on his second run - there were no weaves so I was very hopeful of a good fast run with no sniffing.  And it was, but unfortunately half way round I felt a 'pop' in my left calf and instant pain.  I hobbled round the rest of the course, sending Freddie wide of a jump and picking up 5 faults.  Then hobbled to the car to put Freddie in and went to find the first aider...  And what a lovely lady she is though I can't remember her name.  She sorted me out with an ice pack for my leg and a cup of tea for me and I sat a while before heading home and for the hospital.  The hospital confirmed I had a torn calf muscle with the only treatment being rest.  How long would I be out???

I limped badly for the next couple of weeks, with poor Freddie sat crying at the door on training nights.  But thankfully it mustn't have been a bad tear as we were back at training two weeks later, and ok for the Christmas show.

So at least this show taught me a lesson - warm up!  I will always make sure to stretch out before setting off in future.

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